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Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin: Britain’s greatest renaissance man, America’s founding father, but foremost a printer

George Goodwin

Evening Reception at the Art Workers’ Guild
6 Queen Square
London wc1n 3at

6.30 to 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday 19 September

Benjamin Franklin won the eighteenth-century equivalent of the Nobel Prize, and was an inventor of genius. Co-author of the Declaration of Independence, he was second only to George Washington for his importance during the American Revolution. However, in his last will and testament, he described himself firstly as a printer.

Apprenticed at the age of twelve to his printer brother James, Franklin honed his craft in London in his late-teens. By his mid-twenties he had his own printing rm and was to become a leading publisher in colonial America. His printing connections were of crucial importance during his diplomatic role in London from 1757 to 1775, before he once more cast type in Paris as he plotted America’s victory.

George Goodwin highlights the essential importance of printing in describing the life of this remarkable man.

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Come and join us for our second Wynkyn de Worde Quiz Night at the St Bride Foundation on 17 October, following the triumphant success of our inaugural event. We shall begin the proceedings promptly at 5.45, so please ensure that you are at your tables in good time.

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